Our Websites

Avonix has over 20 websites in its network, serving millions of visitors every month. Few of our notable websites are:


Zaiqa.com is one of the largest cooking recipes site of Pakistan. It has over 20,000 video recipes, having the total size of over 14,000GB. Zaiqa.com servers more than 1.5 million users a month.


Blockstatus.com has been the famous IM Tools website since 2003. It has served more than 12 million users every month.


SMS2PK.com was Pakistan's first non-applet Free sms website launch in 2005. It was once the only source for sending text messages to mobile phones from Colleges and Universities where java applets could not be loaded. SMS2PK was used to send over 5 million sms every month.


ViewWhois.com is a small tool for checking domain availability and whois record of more than 400 TLDs.